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A-POK'-A-LIPS' - Signs and Portents in the Mass Media

Drawings, Paintings and Assemblage by Carel Moiseiwitsch

Location: InterUrban Gallery - 1 East Hastings (at Carrall Street)
Opening: Thursday, Sept. 11, 6pm-8pm
Exhibition runs until Oct 12
Gallery Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 1pm-4pm

The mass media censors, commodifies, trivializes, and then discards the shocking images it exploits from global man-made catastrophes. Wars,  plagues, floods, genocide, occupation, pollution, fires, droughts and starvation, have all become grist for our consumption and entertainment. Apocalyptic events are now a daily reality show.

Disturbing images that were originally zapped into our lives for an instant by the mainstream media are quickly buried and forgotten by the 24-hour news cycle. They may be deemed too politically embarassing to the status quo or just not fresh and new enough for our disposable, irony-saturated culture.

The facile lure of electronic media encourages and assumes passive consumption, dehumanizing both the subject and the voyeur. In contrast, the hand made image invites contemplation and engagement in an active relationship with the viewer. 

The works in this exhibition reference stills and video clips from the mass media. These images deserve closer and longer scrutiny -- if only because of the personal tragedies involved.

We are all implicated in and affected by the destruction of our world, whether by war, exploitation, complicity or neglect. 

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